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Our commitment to sustainability

At Flinders Port Holdings (FPH) we believe a sustainable business is one that acts positively to achieve sustainable outcomes, minimising harm, being at one with our communities and the environment and ensuring the financial resilience of the group now and in the future.

Our aim is to be recognised as a leader in sustainable port development and operations. We want our legacy to be the creation of a business we can continue to be proud of and which contributes to a positive future for generations to come.

Sustainability Policy

Our vision and approach to sustainability is encapsulated in the Sustainability Group Policy which you can read in full here.

As outlined below, the plan underpinning our policy is split in to three themes: Environmental, Social & Governance.

We are committed to high standards of ethical conduct and strive to uphold human rights, fair working conditions and to engage in sustainable and environmentally sound business practices.

Under the ‘social’ theme of our Sustainable Group Policy, we have also published our Ethical Sourcing Group Policy, which you can read in full here. and our current Modern Slavery Statement, available here.

Sustainability Plan

Through the launch of our first group-wide sustainability plan we are building on our strong record of sustainable and responsible practice at Flinders Port Holdings.

The plan underpins our new Sustainability Group Policy and centralises coordination, oversight and delivery of all our work in this space.

It covers a range of actions we will take, and goals we want to achieve, over the next three years and is grouped in to three themes: Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). These themes align with best practice in sustainability.

Across each of the three themes we have set out short and medium-term goals. More generally, we have also committed to continue strengthening our overall sustainability approach in conjunction with our Master Planning. We will engage with our stakeholders to understand their concerns and identify further opportunities that will fall into each of our three sustainability themes.

Health & Safety at Flinders Port Holdings

‘Safety & Health above all else’

At Flinders Port Holdings (FPH), the safety and wellbeing of our employees, contractors, visitors and our communities is critical.

We are focused on our safety commitments and believe that we cannot achieve our strategic and operational objectives without an unwavering focus on health and safety.

FPH is committed to, and prioritises creation of, a workplace where people feel physically and psychologically safe and no-one is harmed.

FPH values worker participation and supports open and effective communication for raising issues, reporting hazards, near misses and events, and working collaboratively to find improvements to protect health, safety and wellbeing.

FPH’s Work, Health and Safety (“WHS”) framework is focused on the adoption of leading practices that promote and reinforce a positive WHS culture.  We clearly identify that our people are critical to the ongoing success of our business and as such their personal safety and wellbeing are essential.

FPH’s strategy with regards to WHS is built around seven strategic outcomes and commitments that work together towards achieving our overarching objective:

  • We prioritise our safety values and lead by example;
  • We proactively engage with everyone on safety;
  • We focus on the health and wellbeing of our people,
  • We strive to eliminate critical risks;
  • We provide training that enables our people to work safely;
  • We integrate safety into critical business processes; and
  • We provide meaningful information to our people. 

Our clients and employees can rely on FPH, because we comply with internationally recognised certification standards and are continuously seeking to improve our safety and environmental outcomes:

  • ISO 45001: Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems
  • ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems
  • ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems
  • Rail Accreditation within the Rail Safety National Law (RSNL) for rail operations

Keep up to date and get involved

If you have any comments or questions about our sustainability approach, please contact [email protected]


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