We are proud of the role our business plays in South Australia and what we contribute to the Australian economy, and we’re excited to show you our business.

Our graduate program is designed to give you a comprehensive, hands-on experience of the Flinders Port Holdings business and also provide you with the training you need to launch a career in our industry.

Graduates entering the two-year program start with an initial introduction and welcome to the business before beginning a rotation program in selected business units. At each stage of the program you will receive on the job training and professional development.

Learn about our Graduate Program

Throughout the program you will work with a Graduate Coordinator to make sure you are getting what you need from the program and achieving your goals. You will also have access to relevant mentors as you proceed through each business area.

At the end of the two-year program you will have the opportunity to deliver a project in-line with our strategic initiatives to the leadership team.

For our 2022 program you choose your journey – Port Pathway or Commercial Pathway. Those choosing the Port pathway will be studying in areas such as Engineering or Logistics. If you choose the Commercial pathway you will be studying in areas such as Marketing, Commerce or Business. The pathway will be tailored to your specific area & interest.

Our Offer to you:

  • A structured, two-year full time graduate program based at our Port Adelaide Head Office and other locations.
  • A competitive salary, superannuation contribution and annual leave allocation throughout the duration of the program.
  • Real, first-hand experience of our business and opportunities to be involved in projects.
  • Potential to transition in to a full-time role after graduate program completion.


The rotation program is designed to give you as much exposure as possible to all areas of our business relevant to your chosen pathway. Rotation consists of a series of placements within different Flinders Port Holdings business units through the two year program.

Decisions on placements will be made in collaboration with the Graduate Coordinator as you progress through the program.

This approach enables us to develop your understanding of the overall business and specifically, the Flinders Port Holdings strategic initiatives which range from areas including Sustainability, Data analytics, Land Development, Supply chain and Terminal transformation.

What is the Project?

The project is a work-based project linked to one of the Flinders Port Holdings strategic initiatives and Business Plan. At the end of the 2 year program you will create a “business improvement idea”, which will be presented to the Group Leadership Team.

The tools you need to present the project will be given to you throughout the program and this includes connecting with all / any of your mentors.

The final decision on your project and how it is presented is entirely of your choosing.

This is an opportunity for you to showcase one specific area of potential business improvement to Flinders Port Holdings and is a great way to finish the program. We are excited to see all graduates reach this final stage.

Meet our Graduates

We are happy to showcase our Inaugural Graduates for 2021.

Discover the onboarding journey of Port Graduate Kerrie and Commercial Graduate Eve, as they tell us about their 6-week induction process with Flinders Port Holdings.

Recruitment Process

Check back soon for the 2024 Graduate Program intake.

How to Apply / Key Dates

Applications have now closed for the 2023 intake and we look forward to sharing the new Graduates with you soon.

Check back soon to see when the application process starts for the 2024 intake.

If you’re interested in joining a business that links South Australia to the world then we want to hear from you. We looking for graduates that are committed to helping us be the best version of ourselves.

Why not connected with us today, to learn more about our current Graduates and Flinders Port Holdings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there regional opportunities available?

Not at the moment, but you will get to experience our regional ports as part of your rotation plan.

How many graduates do you take on each year?

Two graduates – one in each pathway.

Do you have a choice in where you will be placed in the rotation plan?

A lot of work goes into planning your rotation, we look at the degree you have studied and how we can maximise this while at the same time have you experience all areas of our business.

What does a typical graduate program look like?

To read about what our current graduates are doing look at “Our Journey”.

Who do I contact for more information?

For more information please email: hrgeneral@flindersports.com.au