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Flinders Ports will commence restoration works and improvements to the Thevenard jetty this week. These works will ensure the jetty can continue to be used for commercial and recreational use well into the future.

The project will see significant maintenance and renewal works performed to the existing 235-metre structure following the successful approval of the project’s development application.
In addition to the restoration, improvements will be undertaken including a slight widening of the jetty deck and installation of craneage points to facilitate future maintenance activity. Works will include jetty beam and slab demolition, new piles and structural steel supports, precast concrete deck installation, and fit out of railings and kerbs.

Flinders Ports CEO, Stewart Lammin, said the project was essential for the ongoing viability of the jetty.
“These restoration works will ensure that the Thevenard jetty can remain open and fully operational, and create a safe facility for both commercial and recreational users well into the future,” Mr Lammin said.“We recognise the importance of this jetty for the Eyre Peninsula in supporting jobs and industry in the region, and we have a responsibility to manage its long-term viability.“Initial preparatory works will start this week, with the project due for completion in late 2020. The jetty will be closed to the public for the duration of the project.

“It will remain in full commercial use throughout the restoration and Flinders Ports will work closely with stakeholders to minimise any disruptions to commercial operations.”
Flinders Ports has been working with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and has contracted environmental consultants to determine and address any potential environmental impacts during construction works. Local residents and businesses may also notice an increase in traffic in coming weeks with the arrival of plant and equipment.
Thevenard is a vitally important South Australian regional port. It is used to export grain, gypsum, mineral sands and salt.

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