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Flinders Logistics has partnered with training and employment company, ISAustralia, on a work experience initiative for the long-term unemployed from Adelaide’s north-western suburbs. The scheme, which launched in June this year and ran for one month, enabled eight people studying a Certificate II in Warehousing Operations to gain hands-on experience with Flinders Logistics at their Berth 29 facility in Port Adelaide.

All of the ISAustralia students were from Adelaide’s north-west and worked 10 hours each week at Flinders Logistics to gain practical experience of transport and cargo handling operations.

Under the supervision of Flinders Logistics’ accredited and experienced staff, the new trainees learned how to drive wharf tugs and gained skills in vessel set-up and deck cleaning.  Some of the more experienced students received training on operating heavy forklift trucks and reachstackers.

In addition to cargo handling skills, the job seekers were also trained in the work health and safety protocols needed for safe cargo handling.  Students attended Work Health and Safety meetings and took part in toolbox meetings.  Gaining an understanding of Flinders Logistics’ yard management software and shadowing supervisors and the hatch person during ship operations was also a major focus.

In addition to providing an opportunity for job seekers to gain important work experience and showcase their skills to a local employer, Flinders Logistics backed the scheme to ensure that the company avoids skills shortages in the future.

“Our business has been growing fast since we launched in 2010.  This work experience initiative allowed us to train and identify new workers from the local area that we could hire when their training was complete.  It also gave the trainees a chance to find out whether they enjoyed the wharf-side work environment and working with us,” said Mr Andrew Pellizzari, General Manager, Flinders Logistics.

The scheme has exceeded expectations and Flinders Logistics is currently working through the recruitment process.

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