Flinders Port Holdings will be completing a series of safety upgrades in Port Lincoln.

It has been identified through a Traffic Management Study that works are required to be completed at Flinders Ports – Port Lincoln site to enhance the safety of all Port users. Due to the closure of all rail transport to the area, the volume of heavy vehicles in the area has increased.

This has resulted in Flinders Ports and other stakeholders in the area managing the potential risks of these conflicts. The study has identified key areas of conflict, which Flinders Ports will address with the safety upgrades.

A large range of users frequent the port area, including passenger vehicles, large buses, heavy long commercial vehicles and pedestrians. Due to the large range of conflicting users in the operational port, there are a range of safety concerns.

In the interest of traffic calming and assisting in improving safety for all berth users, below are some of the listed improvements to be made:

  • Increased signage
  • Parking area definition
  • Increased lighting
  • Raised islands to stop parking
  • Bollards and chains to direct pedestrians/cyclists
  • Tree removal
  • Automated Gate Installation

Automated gates will be installed on the main access road to the site. The intention for the installation of the gates which opens on approach is to slow down speeding traffic.

The installation of this automated gate is to:

  • Slow incoming traffic to the port precinct
  • Increase safety measures for pedestrians within the port precinct
  • Give FPH ability to manage the site should a serious incident occur
  • Increase lighting at the entry to the site and gate interface area
  • Provide signage for all users of the site

Project Timeline

We are estimating that the project will commence and conclude on the below dates, this may change without notice depending on any updates to project program outside of Flinders Ports control – example; inclement weather.

Start time of works: Monday 27 June 2022

Duration of works: Approximately 4 weeks with proposed completion date 22/07/22

Contact the Team

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If you would like to get in touch with the team, please refer to their contact details below or keep up to date with all our projects on our LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Jason Stals – Program Manager,

Darryl Montgomerie – Port Operations Manager,

Port Lincoln Site Map

Gate Installation Map

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