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With the worst storm event in decades predicted to hit South Australia tonight, Flinders Ports has closed all seven of its ports to shipping and operations for safety reasons. The ports are unlikely to reopen again until Friday morning. “This is unprecedented for Flinders Ports. It’s the first time in our 15-year history that we will close our ports for this period of time,” said Mr Vincent Tremaine, Chief Executive Officer, Flinders Port Holdings.

Ship movements and operations were halted at the state’s regional ports at 2pm today and shipping and operations stopped at Port Adelaide from 3:30pm.

In the run up to the storm event, Flinders Ports staff have been working against the clock, adding extra mooring lines to safeguard ships berthed in port and securing any plant and equipment that could create a hazard in high winds. At the container terminal, where containers are stacked three high, operations teams have been moving containers to additional storage areas to reduce stack heights to a maximum of two high.

“We know that storm force conditions are dangerous and wave heights of 10 metres and wind gusts of 90 kilometres per hour are predicted. Ships can run aground, or detach from their moorings. It’s vital that our employees and stakeholders are not placed at avoidable risk, said Mr Tremaine.

The company is also urging recreational port users, such as kayakers and fishing enthusiasts, to stay safe and avoid coastal waters until the storm subsides.

Flinders Ports monitors tidal levels for the state and the company’s HydroSurvey experts will be on high alert monitoring tide levels and wave heights throughout the gale force conditions.

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Flinders Ports is South Australia’s leading port operator with seven ports located at Port Adelaide, Port Lincoln, Port Pirie, Thevenard, Port Giles, Wallaroo and Klein Point. Prioritising safety and environmental management, Flinders Ports offers a range of port and port related services including pilotage, mooring, survey and marine control. It is part of the Flinders Port Holdings Group, which is led by Chief Executive Officer, Vincent Tremaine. For more information please visit:

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