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One of South Australia’s busiest grain – and most popular recreational – jetties is set to re-open after a $10 million redevelopment.

The specialist grain jetty at Port Giles, on Yorke Peninsula, about 220km from Adelaide, has been closed to the public for the past 14 months to allow an extensive upgrade of its facilities to be undertaken.

When ships are not in harbour, the jetty is one of the State’s most popular recreational fishing locations, attracting thousands of fishermen each year.

As part of the $10 million redevelopment, work included:

? Deepening of the main berth area alongside the jetty from 11.6 metres to 14.7 metres to allow for Panamax vessels – up to 75,000 tonnes – better access to and from Port Giles.

? General wharf upgrade including the removal of six timber pylons and replaced by pre-cast, concrete pylons, installation of new mooring bollards, and;

? Removal of underwater debris which culminated in about 150 tonnes of debris, including old concrete and steel pieces, being taken from an area along the main berthing area.

The jetty will re-open to the public at 4pm on Friday, 2 December 2005, although it remained open for normal shipping operations during the redevelopment.

“The Port Giles community now has one of the most modernised grain jetties in the State,” Flinders Ports General Manager, Marine Operations, Mr Carl Kavina, said.

“Our $10 million investment in the jetty will immediately introduce more efficiencies in the daily operations of the facility, which is good news for the entire local community,” he said.

“Previously, ships entering and exiting the Port Giles grain loading facility were at the mercy of tidal levels.

“Now that dredging work has been completed, vessels will be able to come and go as they please

“Recreational fishermen will also be pleased that one of their favourite fishing spots is open again for business.”

The jetty will remain open to the public except when a ship is in port, maintenance is being carried out, or if the Security Level for the port is raised by the Office of Transport Security.

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