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Adelaide’s Outer Harbor is to receive one of its most significant export developments in the past 30 years.

Flinders Ports – the operator of seven ports in South Australia, including Outer Harbor/Port Adelaide – announced today it would build a new $13 million storage and export warehouse to be used as a shipment point for wine exports by Australia’s largest wine producer, Reynella-based BRL Hardy Limited.

The project is the first significant commitment by the State’s key exporters to support Flinders Ports’ plans to redevelop Outer Harbor under a long-term $400 million upgrade program.

Construction of the new 20,000 square metre facility is expected to consolidate BRL Hardy’s South Australian wine export facilities through Outer Harbor, complementing an existing, smaller wine distribution facility constructed in 2001.

The warehouse, which will have the capacity to store 1.6 million cases of wine, and will measure 222m X 93m in size, and 7.2m high – will be situated adjacent to the CSX Container Terminal at Outer Harbor.

Construction is due to be completed by the end of the year.

Flinders Ports CEO, Mr Vincent Tremaine, said: “We are delighted to welcome BRL Hardy to our first major development in this port. This will consolidate Outer Harbor’s position as a central hub for South Australia’s wine industry,” he said.

“Expected volume growth may necessitate the development of a second warehouse in the short to medium term.

“Our Concept Plan for the future development of Outer Harbor recognises that a major opportunity exists to develop an integrated export wine logistics centre with facilities extending from warehousing to bottling and packaging.”

BRL Hardy Group Manager, Corporate Services, Mr Mick Scammell, said: “The consolidation of current transport and logistics arrangements, including the consolidation of a number of warehouses to the one location at Outer Harbor will provide significant benefits and reduce handling costs.

“The new facility will support our current exports and will provide for the continuing growth we expect into the future.”

In October last year, Flinders Ports unveiled a $400 million Concept Plan – including the deepening of the main channel from 12.2 metres to 14 metres – designed to redevelop Outer Harbor into a more globally competitive port within the next 10 years.

The plan includes the construction of wine storage and containerisation facilities, a further three warehouses for containerised or bulk cargoes, a cold store and a mineral sands storage facility, plus an upgrade of the current wharf storage for motor vehicles.

Channel dredging

Mr Tremaine said: “With continued interest and support from several groups, including BRL Hardy, in developing further infrastructure at Outer Harbor, it is becoming increasingly important that the issue of the channel depth is addressed.

“With container vessels increasing in size worldwide, it is fundamental that the channel issue is addressed within the next two to three years to ensure that direct services are not lost from South Australia in the future,” he said.

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