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Wallaroo is located on the eastern side of Spencer Gulf, 158 kilometres north-west of Adelaide and has a population of around 2,500 people.

Wallaroo is a tidal port with the geographic coordinates:

  • Latitude 33 degrees 56 minutes south
  • Longitude 137 degrees 37 minutes east

Wallaroo has mean high spring tides of 1.21 metres and mean high neap tides of 0.88 metres. Communications on VHF radio telephonic channels, 6, 8, 12, 16, 67 are with the call sign “Wallaroo VTS”.

Flinders Ports’ Wallaroo Port Rules apply to all shipping in port waters. Please ensure you and your ship’s Captain and crew are familiar with these rules before arriving or setting off from Wallaroo.

Wallaroo – Port Rules

The Wallaroo Jetty is open for public use during the hours of 6am-9pm every day, from Friday 25th October inclusive. Please note that the Jetty is subject to closure without notice due to shipping and maintenance requirements.

For information and times for closures due to shipping, please check the expected and actual shipping movements website –

Principal Commodities

  • Grains 
  • Seeds 

Berth Information

The jetty at Wallaroo has berths on either side which are allocated to specific cargoes:

Wallaroo has some limitations on shipping:

  • Maximum vessel length overall 230 metres
  • Maximum vessel beam 32 metres
  • Maintaned depth in channel and approaches 8.4 metres

Please note that berth 1S is no longer available for commercial purposes. 

Berth IDPOA Declared Depth
Wharf - Hard Stand
(square metres)
Wharf - Height
Berth Box - Length
Berth Box - Breadth
Max Vessel Dimensions - LOA
Max Vessel Dimensions - Beam
WAL 2N9.5NA5.131036230-Grains & seeds
WAL 1S9.3NA5.124536230--

*Allowable depths are a minimum of 0.3 metres less than the declared depth. Please check notices to mariners for temporary limitations.

For further information about Wallaroo, please contact the Port Manager on +61 (0)8 8632 1455.


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