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Located 14 kilometres north-west of Adelaide, Port Adelaide is the seaport suburb of South Australia’s state capital.

Founded 175 years ago, Port Adelaide is one of South Australia’s earliest settlements and became South Australia’s first state heritage area in the 1980s.

Port Adelaide is a tidal port with the geographic coordinates:

  • Latitude 34 degrees 51 minutes south
  • Longitude 138 degrees 30 minutes east

Communications on VHF radio telephonic channels, 12 and 16, are with the call sign “Adelaide VTS”. The additional local working channels are 6, 8 and 67.

Flinders Ports’ Port Adelaide Port Rules apply to all shipping in port waters.  Please ensure you and your ship’s Captain and crew are familiar with these rules before arriving or departing from Port Adelaide.

Master Port Rules

Port Adelaide – Port Rules

Principal Commodities

  • Grains and seeds
  • Limestone
  • Petroleum products
  • Motor vehicles
  • Metals and scrap metal
  • Cement and cement clinker
  • Fertilisers
  • Agricultural commodities
  • Iron-ore, iron and steel
  • Break-bulk and general cargo
  • Mineral sands
  • Mineral concentrates
  • Containers

Berth Information

As the owner and operator of the Port of Adelaide, Flinders Ports is responsible for maintaining these berths to meet the needs of our shipping clients.

Berth IDPOA Declared Depth
Wharf - Hard Stand
(square metres)
Wharf - Height
(metres) Berth Box - Length
Berth Box - Breadth
Max Vessel Dimensions - LOA
Max Vessel Dimensions - Beam
ADL IH 18105094.61783020632.26Fertilisers / Scrap metal / Steel / Textiles / Acids / Soda Ash
ADL IH 19105094.61683020632.26Fertilisers / Scrap metal / Steel / Textiles / Forestry products / Soda Ash
ADL IH 20105094.61633020632.26Fertilisers / Scrap metal / Steel / Textiles / Forestry products / Soda Ash/Grain
ADL IH 258.51254.42403517032.26Stores / lay-up. ADL IH 25 is not a security regulated berth or Biosecurity listed import facility.
ADL IH 2710.91424.62043020632.26Grains & seeds
ADL IH 29101694.42453020632.26Mineral sands / Livestock / Sulphur / Fertilisers / Scrap metal
ADL IH H11.2NA4.43043020632.26Cement / Cement clinker
ADL IH K7.5564.417026120-Limestone
ADL IH M10.7NA4.42183520632.26Petroleum products
ADL IH N8.7NA4.310025140-Bulk liquid
ADL OSB 47.52214.612030120-This Berth is not in use.
ADL OSB 1101854.42453518532.26Acid / Break bulk / General cargoes / Grain / Cement
ADL OH 111.54325.61853030049General cargo / lay-up
ADL OH 211.24325.41833030049Passenger Terminal / Motor vehicles
ADL OH 311.24325.7643030049Motor vehicles
ADL OH 413.83005.73005030049Petroleum products / Motor vehicles
ADL OH 614.26605.33004030049Containers
ADL OH 714.26605.33234030049Containers / Ores
ADL OH 816.22295.33205030049Grains & seeds

*Allowable depths are a minimum of 0.3 metres less than the declared depth. Please check notices to mariners for temporary limitations.

Note: For further information about Port Adelaide’s Inner Harbour and Outer Harbor berths including the latest depths in the channel or berths please contact Adelaide Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) on +61 (0)8 8447 0623

Berth Map

The Port of Adelaide includes our facilities at both Inner Harbour and Outer Harbor. Our aerial map shows the location of each berth and the commodities handled.

To download a copy of the berth map, please click on the link below.

Bunkering Facilities at N Berth

Since October 2016, BP Australia has had a new pipeline facility at N Berth, located in Port Adelaide’s Inner Harbour.

  • Port:  Port Adelaide
  • Supply Point: BP Largs North Terminal
  • Berth: N only
  • Draft: 8 metres
  • Flow rate: 130 cbms / per hour
  • Operating hours: daylight hours (interim)
  • Contractor / third party: Australian Terminals Operations Management (ATOM)
  • Other: vessels up to 120 metres in length

For more information visit our Port Service Providers Directory and view

Inner Harbour and Osborne

The ship limitations for vessels calling at Port Adelaide’s Inner Harbour berths 18-29, H, K, M, N and Osborne berths are:

  • Maximum length overall – 206 metres
  • Maximum beam – 32.2 metres
  • Maintained depth, below lowest astronomical tide – 9.3 metres
  • Mean high spring tides – 2.4 metres
  • Mean high neap tides – 1.3 metres

Swing Basin

A swing basin is situated just south of Inner Harbour Berth 27 which has a diameter of 330 metres.

Outer Harbor

The ship limitations for vessels calling at Port Adelaide’s Outer Harbor berths OH 1 to OH 8 are:

  • Maximum length overall – 350 metres
  • Maximum beam – 49 metres
  • Maintained depth, below lowest astronomical tide – 14.2 metres
  • Mean high spring tides – 2.4 metres
  • Mean high neap tides – 1.3 metres

Swing Basins

Outer Harbor has two swing basins:

  • Opposite the OH 2 Passenger Terminal – a diameter of 400 metres.
  • Opposite OH 6 – a diameter of 505 metres

Outer Harbor 4 Fuel Berth

In April 2014, Flinders Ports and industry partner Caltex officially opened a brand new common-user fuel berth facility at Outer Harbor 4.

Capable of handling both medium range (MR) and long range (LR) fuel tankers, the facilities are fully compliant with Australian Standards and International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals (ISGOTT).

Ship limitations for vessels calling at the Outer Harbor 4 Fuel Berth:

  • Maximum length overall – 300 metres
  • Maximum beam – 36 metres
  • Maximum vessel displacement 85,500 tonnes

Outer Harbor Berths 6 & 7 – Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal

Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal located at Outer Harbor Berths 6 and 7, is South Australia’s only container terminal facility and has a total quay length of 660 metres.

With seven direct shipping services linking South Australia to international markets, Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal is a well-equipped, modern facility which has a focus on safety and innovation.

Linked to the national rail network, the facility has three post-panamax cranes, 22 straddle carriers and a selection of forklifts and reachstackers.  Visit Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal’s new website for more information.

Outer Harbor Berth 8

Outer Harbor Berth 8 is a dedicated grain loading wharf operated by Viterra.

It is capable of handling Panamax size dry bulk vessels.


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