Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is at the heart of how the Flinders Port Holdings group does business.

Corporate social responsibility and governance

We understand that good business ethics make great business sense and that this benefits all our stakeholders, from investors right through to the recreational users of our ports and waterways.

We see corporate social responsibility as the key driver that assists us in managing the potential risks from our activities. Crucially, corporate social responsibility also helps us maximise the benefits from our business that we deliver back to communities and other stakeholders.


When it comes to the land and marine environments where we operate, we consistently go above and beyond legislative requirements. 

Flinders Port Holdings and the ports, logistics and hydrographic survey businesses hold certification in ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems.

We monitor our environmental management system closely for compliance, so we can identify opportunities to improve our environmental outcomes.  In addition to this, the system is audited every year by an independent external auditor.

View our case studies which explain some of our award winning environmental initiatives from across the group.

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In addition to investors, Flinders Port Holdings has a number of different economic stakeholders.  These economic stakeholders include our workforce and contractors, suppliers, local and State government and of course local communities. 

It is important to all these stakeholders that Flinders Port Holdings is an efficient and profitable organisation that operates ethically.

Flinders Port Holdings and the ports, logistics and hydrographic survey businesses hold certification in ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems.  Ongoing internal and external auditing of the quality standards across the group ensures that we comply with high standards and properly fulfil our responsibilities to our stakeholders on Corporate Social Responsibility.


Ensuring that we have a social licence to operate is a key priority for the Flinders Port Holdings group.  In 2013, we became a signatory to SACOME’s Code of Practice for Community and Stakeholder Engagement. 

We regularly consult with stakeholders and endeavour to provide timely and meaningful communications to interested parties whenever we can.

View our case studies on key projects where we have consulted with stakeholders to seek the best outcome for the community.

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Safety for our workforce and contractors is the top priority of the Flinders Port Holdings group of companies. 

Before entering any of our port precincts, every employee and contractor must undergo and pass a rigorous program of inductions which are assessed.  Successfully completed inductions are valid for two years.

After two years these expire and all port users must successfully renew their induction to retain their site access privileges.  In additional to health and safety, the group also has a strong focus on staff wellbeing.  Each year we run a wellbeing program for employees, which includes flu shots, skin check-ups and subsidised gym memberships.

The group and the ports, logistics and hydrographic survey subsidiaries have certification in OHSAS 18001: Occupational Health & Safety Systems  We monitor our Occupational Health & Safety systems closely for compliance and so that we can identify areas where we can improve.  The system is also audited every year by an independent external auditor.


View our case studies which showcase some of our award winning occupational, health and safety initiatives from across the group.

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The Executive and Board of Flinders Port Holdings have put a series of financial controls and policies in place to minimise the risks to the business and ensure that new projects deliver the desired return on investment.

The group also has an in-house legal department led by the Company Secretary and Legal Counsel.  In 2014, updated procurement policies and procedures were initiated to ensure best value and maximum transparency for all procurement activities throughout the group.

We have a stable shareholder base and our shareholders are focussed on investment.  We make sure that we manage the enterprise and operational risks to our business – protecting our stakeholders’ interests over the short-term and the long-term.

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