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Flinders Port Holdings partners with We Are Ports educational Program

20 April 2017

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Flinders Port Holdings is partnering with Ports Australia and AUSMEPA in a nation-wide high school education program designed to provide students insight into the value and importance of ports to Australia’s more than 70 ports to the economy and local communities.


The We Are Ports high school education program will teach Australia’s younger demographic about the importance of Australia’s ports to the national economy and the value of trade that passes through the ports.

It will educate over 5000 students across Australia about the vital role performed by Australia’s ports within their local communities and will inform students about how each and every port around Australia continues to improve the efficiently, safety and environmental management of Australia’s ports.

The We Are Ports high school education program complements Ports Australia’s recently launched microsite interactive information website celebrating 100 years of collaborative effort on the part of Australia’s port community


AUSMEPA, a leader in providing marine environment education programs to schools and communities, is developing the school curriculum-based unit of work for Year 9 Geography students across Australia. Students will use geography skills to explore, question and discover why ports are a major component of interconnecting places, trade and consumption using We Are Ports.

The We Are Ports education program will be introduced into participating schools around Australia in Term 2 and continue for the remainder of the school year concluding with a competition with prizes to be awarded.

For more information on the curriculum visit AUSMEPA. Take a look at We Are Ports too.

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